Dance With Us

Children's Jazz Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet for Kids, AcroDance, Heels Dancing, Children's (Mixed Styles), Mixed Styles Dance classes in Newham, East London

Why Exercise with us?

Stratford Dance School, based in Chobham Academy at East Village, welcome adults and kids to their classes!

We know that in modern life you can not be bound by only one dance style, therefore we integrate them all together. Our young dancers get the benefit of learning acrobatics, which allows them to stand out from the crowd.

And our adult classes and workshops are tailored for those who want
... to channel their inner Beyonce, JLo or Shakira. We are all about freedom of movement and liberation.

Come to join us for an unforgettable, fun time when you will make new friends for life!
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Insured By: Simply business
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